HeTy Association

HeTy – Helsinki Association for the Unemployed is a non-profit association that supports and advises the unemployed. The main purpose of the association is to reduce the problems caused by unemployment. HeTy is a member of the Finnish National Organization of the Unemployed – TVY.

Becoming a member

If all items on the following list describe you, you can become a member.

  • at least 15 years old
  • a Finnish citizen or you have a status as a Finnish resident
  • you are unemployed*

The membership fee is 6€ (cash) per year. Please come and fill in the membership form in our office at Katajanokanlaituri 4, K6, 2nd floor, 00160 Helsinki

*Unemployed jobseeker, suspended without pay, people working a shortened working week, people in employment training, people employed with employment funds (Kela or trade union documentation needed).

the HeTy Cafeteria is currently undergoing renovation and is not open for public

At the HeTy Cafeteria you can:

  • Have breakfast porridge for free, weekdays 8:30-10.00
  • Have a reasonably priced lunch in our canteen, and even get a discount for being a member. Check out our weekly lunch menu via Palvelut -> Lounas
  • Read daily newspapers and popular magazines
  • Have coffee or tea
  • Meet other unemployed persons
  • Discuss and exchange experiences

Free of charge services

  • Free computer practice room with multiple computers and internet access weekdays 8:00-16.00
  • Use of the library
  • Have a health check once a month by The Finnish Red Cross Volunteers (Punainen Risti)
  • A chance to use sewing machines, overlockers, ironing equipment


Chairperson and training co-ordinator: Maija Makkonen, 0442127316
Executive Manager: Anna-Maria Kantola, 0449820820, hety@hety.fi
Actual members: Pirkko Kyckling, Maija Makkonen, Ritva Mömmö, Harri Pärnänen, Pentti Peltola, Tero Rico, Eija Somero, Heidi Vattulainen.
Deputy members: Sirpa Hilander, Jari Marno, Ilkka Salonen, Sari Siimes