HeTy Association

HeTy – Helsinki Job Channel is a non-profit association that supports and advises the unemployed. The main purpose of the association is to reduce the problems caused by unemployment. HeTy is a member of the Finnish National Organization of the Unemployed – TK ry.

Becoming a member

If all items on the following list describe you, you can become a member.

  • must be at least 15 years old
  • you are a Finnish citizen or you have a status as a Finnish resident
  • you are unemployed*

The membership fee is 6€ (cash) per year. Please come and fill in the membership form in our office at Sörnäisten rantatie 31, 00500 Helsinki.

*Unemployed jobseeker, suspended without pay, people working a shortened working week, people in employment training, people employed with employment funds (Kela or trade union documentation needed).

HeTy Cafeteria

At the HeTy Cafeteria you can:

  • Have a reasonably priced lunch in our canteen, and even get a discount for being a member.
  • Read daily newspapers and popular magazines
  • Have coffee or tea
  • Meet other unemployed persons
  • Discuss and exchange experiences

Free of charge services

  • Free computer practice room with multiple computers and internet access weekdays 8:00-16.00
  • Use of the library
  • Have a health check once a month by The Finnish Red Cross Volunteers (Punainen Risti)
  • A chance to use sewing machines, overlockers, ironing equipment


Chairperson and training co-ordinator: Maija Makkonen, 044 212 7316
Executive Manager: Anna-Maria Kantola, 044 982 0820, hety@hety.fi
Board members: Maija Makkonen, Heidi Ijäs, Meerit Kuparinen, Pirkko Kyckling, Pentti Peltola, Satu Juutilainen, Petri Toivanen, Ilkka Salonen.
Deputy members: Jarmo Luoto, Tuomas Jokipii.